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Tokyo—the most populous urban area in the world—is brimming with historic sights and atmospheric districts. Hop on a comfortable bus and scope out attractions from Shinjuku to Asakusa and drop off at Tokyo station. Picking up from designated places in Tokyo, at first. Meet your group at the Love Statue in Shinjuku and settle into a seat on a comfortable sightseeing bus with Wifi service. First we visit Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine which is one of the most famous Shinto Shrines in Tokyo.You can take a deep breath and feel the natural scenery there. Seasonal: In autumn, we will pass through a road famous for Rows of golden yellow ginkgo trees. In spring, we will see beautiful cherry blossom trees from the windows.

After that we see Omote Sando and the National Diet Building -Parliament House- from the windows on your way to the Imperial Palace where there is a large green area. Pass through Ote-mon Gate—once the entrance to the old Edo Castle—and spend 40 minutes strolling the remarkable EastGardens. If they close, we will be sure to admire the reflection of the Nijubashi Bridge and the Outer Garden. Leaving the palace behind, pass by the business district of Maunouchi and Kanda. See bustling locals browsing for food and clothing along Ueno Ameyoko, where the name means "candy shop alley," and check out the window displays of cooking and specialty shops on Kappabashi Street. From there, continue on to Asakusa Senso-ji temple, Tokyo's oldest. At Asakusa, you can enjoy the historic structures such as the Kaminari-mon Gate and Senso-ji Temple. Continue past and see the Tokyo Sky Tree, the headquarters of Asahi Beer. Finishing your tour at Tokyo Station. (You can also finish at Asakusa.) Please write down if you have a child who is under 3 years old on “notes/remarks” when you book. They will be free and be seated in someone’s laps in your group.

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Best {storename} Coupon Travel and Vacations

The guides provide a list of sites to visit. Voyagin helps you discover and book authentic local experiences.

As passionate travelers, we understand how difficult it is to discover true authenticity in a foreign destination. The most useful information is dispersed, buried and sometimes in a different language. It is also often difficult to filter the best things to do, especially when you don't have local friends.

Why should you book an experience with us?

We are passionate about digging up hidden treasures and we travel through our destinations to identify experiences that you cannot find on your own. Want to take sword fighting lessons with Kill Bill's choreographer? How about getting to know Mumbai's laundromats? Done. How about enjoying a royal party at a 300-year-old temple in Bali? We are protecting you. We heal our experiences and pre-select our hosts in person or via Skype, accepting only those with excellent ratings or recommendations from personal contacts. This means that everything you see here is something that we have tried or many others have already proven. And don't just take our word for it, check out our community's opinions to see what they loved most. So whether you want to achieve enlightenment in the mountains, befriend a local entrepreneur or explore hidden underwater treasures with experienced divers, we can help you discover these valuable new experiences - at any price. We hope you will come on a journey with us and be inspired to explore the riches that Asia has to offer.

Osaka Sakishima Cosmo Tower Observatory E-Tickets

Enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the Osaka skyline from up high at the Sakishima Cosmo Tower Observatory, located on the 55th floor of Cosmo Tower, Osaka's second-tallest building. On a clear day, you might even see faraway sights such as Hyogo Prefecture's Awaji Island and Mt. Rokko!


  • Get breathtaking 360-degree views of Osaka and beyond from over 250 meters above ground
  • If the weather is good, see as far as Hyogo Prefecture's Awaji Island, Mt. Rokko, and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
  • Visit the second-tallest building in Osaka, and the third tallest in all of Japan
  • If the weather is good, see as far as Hyogo Prefecture's Awaji Island, Mt. Rokko, and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
  • Visit the second-tallest building in Osaka, and the third tallest in all of Japan

Make Udon Noodles & Tempura—Optional Hino Tokyo Walking Tour

Make udon noodles and tempura at Teuchi Udon Dontaku—a handmade udon shop in Hino City, Tokyo. Dress up in traditional wear and take photos. Select the Hino tours to visit the area’s historical temples or learn about samurais and try sword fighting.


  • Visit Teuchi Udon Dontaku in Hino City, Tokyo
  • Learn how to make handmade udon and tempura
  • Take pictures dressed in traditional Japanese clothes
  • Visit Hosenji Temple and Hinoshuku Honjin, or Takahata-Fudoson Kongoji Temple
  • Learn about the life of a samurai at Inoue Genzaburo Museum


Visit Teuchi Udon Dontaku in Hino City, Tokyo to learn how to make authentic udon noodles and tempura—two tasty traditional Japanese dishes that are still widely enjoyed by people of all ages. Udon Noodles Udon noodles are thick wheat flour noodles often served as a hot noodle soup. Japanese commonly serve udon as 'kake udon' in 'kakejiru' (a mild broth made from 'dashi,' soy sauce, and 'mirin') and topped with thinly chopped scallions. Tempura Tempura is battered and deep-fried seafood or vegetables. Portuguese living in Nagasaki during the 16th century introduced the fritter-cooking techniques that inspired this dish and the name "tempura." Choose the "Make Udon Noodles & Tempura" option to meet your host directly at the handmade udon restaurant, Teuchi Udon Dontaku. The restaurant is a four-minute walk from Koshu-Kaido Station on the Tama Toshi Monorail Line in Hino City. During this two-hour experience, you'll dress up in traditional Japanese clothes and step into the restaurant's kitchen to learn how to make deliciously doughy udon noodles by hand. There'll even be time to take photos with your freshly made noodles before you begin cooking them. Alternatively, book either of the "Make Udon & Tempura with Hino City Tour" options to explore Hino City on foot, before moving on to Teuchi Udon Dontaku to learn how to make udon and tempura. On this guided walking tour, you'll get to see Hino City and learn about its history, including its strong ties to the Shinsengumi police force. Meet your host at JR Hino Station on the JR Chuo Line. (If you're taking the Monday tour, meet your host at Takahatafudo Station
 on the Keio Line or Tama Monorail.) From your meeting point, you will set out on this walking course that includes historically significant temples. On Mondays, you'll visit Takahata-Fudoson Kongoji Temple. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, you'll see two significant historic structures: Hosenji Temple and Hinoshuku Honjin. Hosenji Temple Rinzai-sect Buddhists established this temple during the Gentoku period (1329 – 1331). Here, you'll find the graves of Genzaburo Inoue, the leader of the sixth troop of the Shinsengumi, and his older brother, Matsugoro of the Hachioji Sennin Doshin, a group of Shogun retainers based in Hachioji. Shinsengumi Established in 1863 by the Edo Bakufu—Japan's last feudal military government that reigned between 1603 and 1867— the Shinsengumi was a special police force in the final years of the Edo period during which the Edo Bakufu fell from power. The Shinsengumi remained active in Japanese society until1869. Hinoshuku Honjin Slip back to the Edo period (1603 –1867) with a visit to Hinoshuku Honjin—an exclusive inn for distinguished guests such as government officials. During the Edo period, travelers lodged in 'shukuba' (stations) along the five major routes leading to Edo. These places offered supplies as well as stables for horses and 'honjin' (exclusive inns) for significant persons. Unlike ordinary inns, honjin exclusive inns were staffed and equipped to host high-ranking officials and other distinguished guests, including feudal lords and Shogunate government administrators. The town that would later become modern-day Hino City functioned as a shukuba known as 'Hinoshuku.' The town's mayor, a merchant, named Sato Hikogoro, owned and operated the town's honjin, 'Hinoshuku Honjin.' As Hino was a famous station on the Koshu Kaido highway, Hinoshuku Honjin hosted historically significant guests, including the famous military commanders Isami Kondo, Soji Okita, and Keisuke Yamanami. Takahata-Fudoson Kongoji Temple This is the main temple of Shingon Buddhism's Chisan-ha sect. It's also one of the Kanto region's three largest Fudoson temples, which are dedicated to the deity Fudo Myo-o. Established in the 8th century, this sprawling, historically and culturally significant temple was once one of the Kanto region's largest. For those interested in Japanese history and the Shinsengumi, Takahata-Fudoson Kongoji is Toshizo Hijikata's family temple. Here, you'll find monuments dedicated to Hijikata and his close friend Isami Kondo. Alternatively, book “Make Udon Noodles & Tempura With Bushido Samurai Experience” to learn about ‘bushido,’ the samurai code of conduct and experience handling a wooden sword, before moving on to learn to make udon and tempura. On this tour, you’ll visit Inoue Genzaburo Museum, where you can observe Tennen Rishin Ryu-style sword fighting, as well as try swinging a wooden sword for yourself — you’ll even wear ‘hachigane,’ a samurai's headband, and ‘haori,’ a traditional kimono-style jacket worn by samurais. Your guide will also introduce you to the exhibition on the first floor—you can go around and take photos of the artifacts on display. This tour also includes an informative tour of Hinoshuku Honjin; afterward, you’ll head to Teuchi Udon Dontaku to get cooking.

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