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As leaders in innovation and technology, Apple has created an empire to make every part of your life easier. From Siri on the iPhone, to the Apple Watch that displays messages, Apple Store products are leading the way of technology and style-a true 21st century sensation. Apple Store offers Mac laptops and desktops, iPhones and iPads, Apple Watches and TVs, and iTunes, their online digital library. From work to school to play, Apple Store products have something for everyone. Apple Store products are designed to be completely compatible with each other, giving users the ability to share information across devices. On the Apple website you can compare generations of devices against one another, like iPhone X with iPhone 8, to see which product best suits your individual needs.

Apple Watch has partnered with Hermes, offering an exclusive line of watches with leather Hermes designed bands, merging the worlds of fashion and technology. New and upcoming products not only feature the description on the page, but also videos to give a full perspective of the product. Apple's support section offers help and support for every component of their brand, from devices to software to apps to login info. Customers can browse the extensive FAQ gallery before contacting a member of the Apple Store support team.

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Coupon codes Apple Store

Apple Store has come a long way since its' humble beginnings in 1976. Originally, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne had established Apple Store to sell personal computers, and while the company experienced some hardships, Jobs, as CEO, opened the first retail store in 2001. The name was thought up by Jobs, who thought of an apple as a "fun, non-intimidating" fruit while exploring a fruitarian diet. In 2001, Apple opened it's first retail store and has been growing since. As of October 2016, Apple Store has 116,000 full-time employees, and as of July 2018 Apple had 498 store locations in 22 countries. As of January 2016, there were one billion active Apple Store devices being used world-wide. Apple's products are the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac computers, both desktop and laptop.

Apple also has many digital features, like iTunes, the world's largest music retailer, Apple Wallet and Apple Store Pay, a digital platform where users can store their credit cards and use their phone to pay for items purchased in shops that use Apple Pay. There is the iCloud, where users can store all of their pictures, documents, videos, contacts etc., and can access their information from any Apple device. Apple customers have a network of help when it comes to their devices, like AppleCare, a warranty that comes with each newly purchased product, technical support available in-store or online, and a support community that is composed of Apple Store users, to offer their experiences and advice. iTunes gift cards can be purchased, and users can use them to buy music, movies, TV shows, or apps that are able to be accessed from all the user's devices.

Apple ID is Apple's identification system, and where user's information is stored. To access their apps, photos, and other information from any device, users can sign in from any Apple device. For those looking to master their skills in Apple software, training and certification is available. For IT professionals, training for macOS systems is available, and creative professionals can learn all about Apple's state-of-the-art design tools. Apple Store also offers an extensive line of accessories, such as headphones, phone cases, chargers for devices, and a full range of home technology. Their Home Kit accessories are technologically advanced tools that provide safety, security and convenience in the home or office. Items like security cameras, thermostats, digital locking systems, lightbulbs and smoke detectors are just some of the items that shoppers can find. Apple TV is the new era of television. The Apple TV app lets users browse 50+ video services, like Netflix, without changing apps, making movie night selection one step easier. The app is available on iPhone and iPad, so users on the go won't miss their favorite shows.

Apple TV is unique for each user, and based on their preferences it make a customized selection of media. Apple Store is well-known for its brand loyal customers, and has been ranked as the world's most valuable brand multiple times. Users with operating systems iOS8 and above have their data protected by their passcode, offering users a sense of privacy and security not often seen in this digital age.

The Apple Customer Experience

The huge promise of the Apple brand, of course presents Apple Store with an enormous challenge to live up to. The innovative, beautifully-designed, highly ergonomic, and technology-leading products which Apple delivers are not only designed to match the brand promise, but are fundamental to keeping it.

Apple Store fully understands that all aspects of the customer experience are important and that all brand touch-points must reinforce the Apple brand.

Apple has expanded and improved its distribution capabilities by opening hundreds of its own retail stores in key cities around the world, usually in up-market, quality shopping venues.

As it developed the iPhone business, Apple Store hugely increased its retail reach through the retail outlets of the telco companies. Apple has also increased the accessibility of iPads and iPods through various resellers that do not normally sell computers, and has increased the reach of its online stores.

The very successful Apple Retail stores give prospective customers direct experience of Apple's brand values. Apple Store Retail visitors experience a stimulating, no-pressure environment where they can discover more about the Apple family, try out the company's products, and get training and practical help on Apple Store products at the shops' Guru Bars. Apple retail staff are helpful, informative, and let their enthusiasm show without being brash or pushy.

The overall feeling is one of inclusiveness by a community that really understands what good technology should look and feel like - and how it should fit into people's lives.

Key Moments from Steve Jobs' speeches

Apple Brand Architecture

From a brand architecture viewpoint, the company maintains a "monolithic" or master brand identity - everything being associated with the Apple name (or the Apple Store logo), even when investing strongly in the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Music products.

Apple's current line-up of product families includes not just these devices, but also iMac, iBook, iLife, iWork, iPhone, iPad, and iCloud. However, even though marketing investments around iPad are substantial, Apple Store has not established an "i" brand. While the "i" prefix is used only for consumer products, many of Apple's consumer products (eg Mac mini, MacBook, Apple TV, Music, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule, Safari, QuickTime, and Magic Mouse) do not use it.

The 2014 move to establish the Apple Pay and Apple Watch brands has in fact drawn its newest business areas to be even more closely associated with the Apple Store name. There is no iWatch brand, and the brand identity of Apple Music, Apple Pencil, Apple Pay and Apple Watch is simply the Apple logo combined with the word which describes their function. Interestingly, the brand names of Apple Pay and Apple Watch are consistent with Apple TV - one of Apple's long-term projects that has the potential to transform user experiences in yet another aspect of people's daily lives (an ambition reinforced by being featured in Apple's September 2015 Special Event, and again at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference - WWDC - in mid 2016).

The list of Apple's Trademarks reflects something of a jumbled past. The predominant sub-brand since the introduction of the Apple Macintosh in January 1984 has always been the Apple Mac. Products whose market includes Microsoft computer users (for example QuickTime, Bonjour, and Safari) have been named so they are somewhat neutral, and therefore more acceptable to Windows users. Yet other product have been developed more for a professional market (eg Aperture, the Final Cut family, and Xserve).

Apple Brand Halo Effect

Though Apple's iPhone and iTunes music business is profitable in its own right, Apple's venture into these product areas was based on a strategy of using the music business to help boost the appeal of Apple's computing business.

Apple used iPad, iTunes, iPhone, and (very important at the time) iPod to reinforce and re-invigorate the Apple Store brand personality. At the same time, these product initiatives are growing a highly relevant, appealing brand image in the minds of consumer segments that Apple has not previously reached.

In a so-called iPod halo effect, Apple Store hoped that the popularity of iPod and iTunes among these new groups of customers would cause these segments to be interested in Apple's computer products. This does seem to have happened. Since the take-off of the iPod there has been a dramatic rise in Apple's computer sales and market share.

Some years ago, Apple's aspirations for the iPod halo effect was was highlighted most strongly when it used the slogan "from the creators of iPod" in its promotion of iMac G5 computers. In this instance, the Apple brand came full-circle - having been built into a branding system that originates in the personal computer market, then leveraged into the consumer electronics market, and then back into the consumer personal computer market.

This halo effect is extended with the hugely successful Apple iPad tablet computer. Great customer experience with iPhone (and familiarity with Apple's touch screen gesture controls), combined with a great product in its own right, has made iPod a huge success that in turn is drawing even more people to Apple's Mac computer products. In a move which brought matters full circle, the 2011 Lion version of Mac OSX gave the Mac the same touch screen gesture controls which iPad and iPod users have learned. In 2014 at the company's World Wide Developer Conference, it further strengthened the link between the Mac and other product lines by making it easy to provide continuity of user experience for a customer using a mix of Apple Store devices during her daily life. This was further emphasised in mid-2016 by changing the name of the Mac's operating system from OS X to macOS (presumably partly to avoid a naming collision with the 2016 version of iOS: iOS 10).

Apple Store is employing the halo effect in its Apple Mac product strategy.

From mid-2012 onwards, OS X (now macOS) incorporated many small changes to the Mac user interface that make the Mac's style of use much more like the iPad and iOS. By introducing such changes (which have frustrated some long-term Mac users), Apple Store has clearly decided that greater volumes of Apple Mac can be sold through selling to iPad (or iPhone) users than can be generated by upgrade sales to long-term Mac users.

This extension of a common user experience across Apple products was further strengthened by the introduction of the Apps Store to Mac OS X in mid-2011. Mac users can now buy their macOS applications with the same convenience as iPad or iPhone users can buy iOS Apps.

Also in 2012, Apple dropped the Mac part of the name from the operating system, so that it is now called just "OS X", rather than "Mac OS X". This small but important branding change highlights that Apple, not Mac, is now the dominant part of the brand. It also opens the way for Apple to OS X on multiple devices, not just Mac, in a similar way to how iOS is used on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. A full merge of operating system code seems unlikely however, since CEO Tim Cook explicitly stated (in late 2015) that that iOS and OS X will be not merged into a single Operating System.

Expect the Halo to Speak - Siri and beyond

Speech is the next dimension in which Apple will gain synergy across its product lines. Siri's natural language speech processing and interactivity capabilities were introduced in October 2011 on the iPhone 4S. Siri was then introduced on iPad in 2012, Apple Watch and Apple TV in 2015, and on macOS Sierra in 2016. With the addition of Siri to the Mac, Apple Store now has a common user interface across all of its core product lines.

Apple is giving substance to speech interactivity by giving it a character - a personal assistant called "Siri". Siri can be somewhat customised by using different languages and idioms (for example, there are 8 versions of English speech available with country-specific accents and pronunciation for Australia, Canada, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, and U.S.A.). Presumably other customisation or personalization features will also be introduced (perhaps user choice of name and other "identity" characteristics).

Siri highlights the marketing genius of Apple: speech control and interactivity are not new features on computers or phones. For example, smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system had very similar functionality to Siri for quite some time. When Apple created the Siri "personal assistant" which gives these otherwise rather hard to describe voice interaction features a character, consumers were given a hook around which they could finally understand what voice interactivity was all about.

Having taught customers to use touch gestures, Apple Store is now going to teach us how to speak to computers (almost unavoidably, in a specific Apple dialect of speech interaction). Beyond this, because Siri provides access to Apple's increasingly powerful Artificial Intelligence technology, Apple Store now also has a means of enhancing the user experience - across its complete product range - in quite remarkable ways into the future.

Apple Re-entering the Corporate Market via the iPhone and iPad Halo Effect

In recent years a large part of Apple's strategy seems focused on the Corporate marketplace. The company is careful to maintain its brand values as it engages with corporations: it positions itself as facilitating the use of the individual's devices of choice (primarily iPads and iPhones) in the corporate world so that businesses can innovate and develop new ways of doing business and improving the world around them. Apple also announced a global partnership with IBM in mid-2014 which will see IBM furthering the penetration of iPads and iPhones into large corporates though its IBM MobileFirst initiative. (Similar partnerships with Cisco being announced in 2015, and with SAP in 2016).

The business market has been important to Apple before: A long time ago, Apple had a strong market share in large companies.

A long, long time ago (at the end of the 1970's) the first spreadsheet program (VisiCalc) was launched on the Apple II. The first PC (the IBM PC) to run a Microsoft operating system (PC DOS) did not appear until 1981. When Microsoft launched its Excel spreadsheet in 1984 it appeared first on the just-released Apple Mac, such was Apple's presence among accounting and finance departments. The "creative professions" (most notably the now largely defunct Desktop Publishing industry) have always been an important business market for Apple and its main software partner in this area, Adobe.

Even though Apple effectively stopped competing for corporate business during the 1990s, the Apple Mac is still used in corporate environments. Microsoft still has a vigorous applications development team totally dedicated to writing business software for the Apple Mac. New versions of Microsoft Office for Apple Mac still come out approximately 2 years before similar functionality is placed in the next version of Microsoft Office for the Windows operating system.

Over the next few years it seems likely that Apple Store will re-focus on the Corporate marketplace: The company provides regular updates on the proportion of Fortune 500 companies which are either trialling or deploying iPhone (now well over 90%), and the iPad.

Apple has solved all the technical problems of integrating its iOS and OS X products into existing Corporate IT environments. For example, starting in 2009, when Apple announced "Snow Leopard" (the then-latest version of the Apple Mac operating system) it included features allowing Mac computers to fully support Microsoft Exchange. This enables corporate IT departments to support business users who wish to use Apple Macs for their main email clients. Apple's Mac OS X Lion release (in Summer 2011) includes all the functionality needed to use a Mac as a business server.

Also, Microsoft continues to bring out advanced versions of Microsoft Office for Apple Mac, and - very significantly - in mid-2008 Apple announced a software upgrade for the iPhone which allows iPhones to be fully supported by Microsoft Exchange email servers. Corporate IT departments can now include iPhones as email clients.

One aspect of Apple's strategy seems clear: to use the popularity of the iPhone and iPad to break back into large corporations, sell lots of those devices, and have Apple Mac back on the desks of large businesses (or more probably - in the laptop bags of middle and senior managers in most large businesses). Particularly with iPhone and iPad and the trend to bring-your-own-device into companies, there is a groundswell of expectation that Apple devices should be supported by IT departments, and employees often suggest many new business solutions and improvements which could be enabled by their use (particularly where better access to information when they are on the move would be particularly helpful).

The Macbook Air and iPad are clearly designed for business markets as well as for consumers, and Apple Store continues to display its mastery in smoothly morphing customer experience and brand preference from one product category to another.

In 2015 Apple CEO Tim Cook started to ramp-up statements about the company's ambitions to sell to large companies, and Apple's branding strategy is clearly expanding to include business and corporate markets once again.

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After Halos - Clouds

An enabling next step in Apple's marketing strategy is the Apple iCloud, which delivers a seamless experience for using and sharing content across all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac). iCloud enables a common "it just works" experience for using content across all of Apple's mainstream products. iCloud positions the company for a future where customers experiences and their digtal lives transcend the hardware devices which they use, and enables Apple to extend the brand experience well beyond individual products.

Apple has invested in a one million square foot Apple data center in rural North Carolina. As well as being a hub for much of the intelligence behind Siri, this data centre is a core data repository for Apple's iCloud services, which will enable Apple Store to leverage its customer franchise into an even broader market space. Apple iCloud is one of many ways in which Apple and Google are fast becoming arch rivals.

iKnow Siri?

It can be assumed that a user's Siri personal assistant will be used to embody and create a feeling of continuous experience across different devices (including in cars), with Siri seemingly moving with us from device to device. For example, Apple CarPlay enables a car's infotainment syste to use a familiar iOS user interface when an iPhone is plugged in, allowing you to control many apps and your device either through the infotainment system or with your voice and Siri (so you don't need to touch your iPhone while driving).

This continuity of experience across devices will be possible because Appie is using iCloud to offer customers device-independence and multi-device synchronisation - so that whichever Apple device you move, to the experience continues because the new one will "know" what you were doing on the last one and can pick up dialogues such as chat messages where you left off.

Apple Store Watch: The Masterbrand and Brand Promise

The use of the Apple Pay and Apple Watch brands reflect just how strong the Apple brand name has become over the last 10 years. The Apple Pay and Apple Watch names are descriptive and they leverage the full strength of the Apple brand in each of the new categories which Apple is entering.

The brand promise which the names of Apple Pay and Apple Watch contain is now greater than the halo effect - in a way that would not have been possible 10 years ago. Because the Apple brand personality is now so strong, our expectations are already set, with the products themselves having to live up to the brand promise. Their role is to sustain the brand promise, rather establishing it, as many of the i-products needed to.

Apple's Original Apple Macintosh Marketing Strategy

Stanford University has published contemporary records and original documents of the marketing strategy for the Apple Macintosh launch in 1984, including the original Apple marketing strategy and the Apple Macintosh product introduction plan written by Regis McKenna.

It is now three decades since the launch of the Apple Macintosh (on January 24, 1984). Having proven itself and already gained considerable popularity with the Apple II, Apple chose to announce the Apple Mac in one of the most famous-ever commercials, aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on 22 January 1984.

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Right now, there are Coupons codes and 5 offers available for Apple Store:
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Apple Store sleek modern layout is nothing less than what you would expect from leaders in technology. At the top there are links to each of Apple's products, including Mac, iPhone, Watch and Music, along with a link for general support. By clicking one of those links, you will be directed to your desired product where you can search more specifically. Their Support section comes with an extensive range of frequently asked questions.

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