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SEMRUSH is an SEO analysis system. With it, it is possible to carry out strategic research for a marketing campaign and have data that make it possible to leverage content and even automate processes, such as scheduled posts on social networks. SEMRUSH is a digital marketing tool that provides important data for those working with SEO and search traffic.

It allows you to analyze beyond the domain, guaranteeing a competition for certain words. It is considered a complete tool that has several other tools integrated, like the kewordmagic tool, for example. By using it, you can find the best keywords for your blog, analyze the performance of competing sites and know the easiest path to the long-awaited 1st position on Google's SERP. The whole journey of achieving good results in content marketing is not easy, which is why tools such as the SEMRUSH are allies of producers and entrepreneurs who deal with digital strategies. So, in short, SEMRUSH is a web analytics that can be used to track your content performance or that of your competitor. That way, you'll have strategic data, act precisely and get better results.

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SEMRush is a very popular and powerful all in one seo suite the platform is a popular tool of over six million users that allows them to monitor and improve their seo, ppc, content and social media activities learn all about your tools and use our SEMRush coupon code to start an exclusive OFFer
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SEMrush is a very popular and powerful all in one SEO suite The platform is a favourite tool of over six million users helping them monitor and improve their SEO, PPC, content, and social media activities Learn all about their tools and use our SEMrush coupon code to start with an exclusive deal
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Everything you want to know about SEMRush
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The most redeemed SEMRush discount codes

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100%Free trial (100% free trial) 2024-08-01
$9930 days free on SEMRush pro ($99 95 savings) 2024-08-02
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3%Benefit from a 3% discount on prepayment 2024-08-07
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What are the main features of the SEMRUSH?

You've already realized that the platform is vital for the smooth running of your marketing campaign, haven't you?

Not yet?

Ok, so get ready to learn more about some of the main features of SEMRUSH.

domain analysis

With this functionality, it is possible to get the most important numbers of your strategy. Not only that, as you can search for a competitor's domain.

You can already see how much important information you can get out of this field of research, right?

In the image above, you identify the organic traffic, paid accesses and the amount of backlinks to your domain. There are other metrics as well, like the average cost your organic traffic would have if it were paid and the top keywords that drive people to your site.

And of course the advantages don't stop there.

Keyword Analysis

Anyone who works with content marketing knows the importance of keywords. They are the ones who crawl your site through Google searches - or another internet search engine, of course.

And what are the best performing keywords for your domain? Not always this question has an easy answer, and a platform with the SEMRUSH is essential to get it.

It analyzes which keywords generate organic traffic to your site, which helps you understand how your users reach your content. In other words, starting from SEMRUSH, you discover which searches made, for example, on Google are the most qualified and important for your business.

In addition, the platform gives you a complete report on related keywords, those that are variants of the main one and that also help you to be ranked on Google.

The SEMRUSH not only helps you know which keywords are right for you, it also helps you understand others that can be used in your campaign. On the platform, you will have access to an overview with fundamental information about the search term.

backlink analysis

A backlink is a resource that gives authority to a domain. It's when a website places a link to your content and vice versa. This exchange of links is seen by Google's algorithms as authoritative references and, therefore, they are essential to improve SERP placement.

SEMRUSH has a complete view of backlinks for a given domain, in which it is possible to analyze who uses them and the quality of each one (because Google also analyzes the origin of these links, considering whether they are sites that actually offer relevant content).

Of course, as always, you can verify information from any domain. Including the competition.

domain comparisons

As the feature name says, the SEMRUSH compares the performance of two more domains. This analytics can become a powerful tool for a campaign as you can track the evolution of some metrics.

But, you can also observe what are the particularities of each site, from those unique keywords, the average search volume of each and its cost per click.

Ad analysis

Everyone wanted, in a perfect world, to have enough organic reach to consolidate on the internet, but that's not so simple - especially at the beginning of the business.

Therefore, resorting to ads is a viable option due to its cost-effectiveness. Provided, of course, that they are carried out with the best practices and made strategically.

And the SEMRUSH gives an insight into the performance of each ad performed by a campaign.

With the dashboard, you can see the number of ads made by a domain, the main keywords used, the way in which these advertisements were made. See an example from the Hotjar website:

Competitive Positioning Map

The competitive positioning map deserves to be highlighted, as it is very visual and intuitive.

It compares how each domain ranks, which makes for an interesting and easy-to-understand performance analysis tool. Remember that SEMRUSH only considers competitors in the SERP of the analyzed domain.

How much does the SEMRUSH cost?

The SEMRUSH has four plans with varying features and pricing, of course. However, you can take a trial period. Yes! You have 7 free days to familiarize yourself with the platform's features and benefits!


It is the most basic and recommended package for freelancers, startups and in-house marketers. Perfect for those on a tighter budget, even if their resources are too. The monthly fee is $99.95. For the annual, the price drops to $83.28 per month.


The plan most purchased by users and suitable for small businesses and growing agencies. Here, the reports and accesses are more extended, also providing information with historical data.

The budget is $199 per month for the monthly charge and $166 for the annual package.


This is the ideal package for companies already consolidated in the market and with a strong presence on the internet. It has all the features of previous plans, with unbranded reporting, API access, extended limits and options, and integrated with Google Data Studio.

Its value is $399 per month on the monthly bill. The annual package, $333 per month.


For those who think the previous packages still don't fit, then the Enterprise is where you'll find the ideal plan. It is personalized and with unique features. To get it, you need to contact SEMRUSH.

You can didactically compare plans on the website, in a very intuitive table that will make it easier for you to choose your ideal plan.

Certainly, you have a lot to know and experience as SEMRUSH. The important thing is to know that it is the perfect tool to get better results in your analysis and boost your business!

SEMRush Coupon Codes

If you're looking for coupons at SEMRush, then you'll be here at the right place! We update daily our coupons and offers, we search for you the best SEMRush Coupon Codes and offers, you will always save on your online purchases with our coupons. At the list on top of this page, you'll see all the offers, coupons, promo codes and discounts currently available at SEMRush. Easy, right? This listing was last updated on 23 July 2024.

We want to help our loyal visitors as much as possible to get a discount at as many online webshops. Therefore, beside SEMRush, we have over 20'000 other online webshops located in the USA on our website with a wide range of Coupon Codes, offers and promotional codes. For example, check out our Fanatics Promo Code or The North Face Promo Code, they have daily new offers and coupon codes.

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How can I use a SEMRush Coupon Codes?

A promotional code or promotional code from SEMRush can be used in two ways. The first way is by simply clicking on "SHOW CODE", copying the code, and then pasting it into the shopping cart of this webshop. The other way is by clicking on 'VIEW OFFER', after which you will be redirected directly to the webshop and the discount will be applied automatically.

Most Promo Codes can be used, but we also offer promotional codes and offers from stores and brands abroad like Europe, China or Brazil. This way you will find the best bargains worldwide!

To make at for our visitors as easy as possible, we've selected the best and most advantageous Coupon Codes from SEMRush and put them on top of the listing. This way you save time, because you see all Coupon Codes in a handy overview. So, if you're going to buy with SEMRush Coupon Codes, we recommend using a coupon code or offer from our website, so you can enjoy more online shopping! And the most beautiful of everything? All of our Coupon Codes can be used for FREE!

You do not have to register for coupon codes SEMRush Coupons, but we recommend you sign up for our newsletter. That way, you get the latest Coupon Codes, offers and special bargains in your mailbox. We select the webshops with the most beneficial actions for the newsletter, so you can also get acquainted with new online stores.

What is a SEMRush Coupon Code?

A coupon code from SEMRush is an alphanumeric code that you use to get the discount on your order. These Coupon Codes are also called coupon code, promotional code, discount code, promo code or coupon. Webshops from around the world use these types of codes to give discount to their customers on certain products or orders.


What are the promo codes and offers currently valid for SEMRush at July 2024?

Right now, there are 2 Coupons codes and 17 offers available for SEMRush:
SEMRush Coupon Code Exclusive Offer
SEMrush Coupon Code Exclusive Deal
Free trial (100% free trial)
SEO software from moz free 30 day trial

How often does SEMRush release new coupon codes?

Lately, we've discovered a new discount code from SEMRush every 30 days. Over the last 90 days we've found 2 new coupons from SEMRush.

How much can I save by using a coupon at SEMRush?

With the best discount we've found, you can get up to a 100%. SEMRush shoppers have saved already 583 times at checkout.

How do I get the latest deals from SEMRush?

Subscribe to 1001promocodes.com's email alerts for SEMRush and we will email you notification every time we discover a new discount code. If you can't find a working coupon code right now, subscribe and receive the latest deals as soon as we discover them.

Are there any active SEMRush coupon codes at this time?

Yes! Right now on 1001promocodes.com, you can find 2 coupon codes for SEMRush that are verified and working. SEMRush coupons and promo codes found on 1001promocodes.com have been used 583 times, equalling lots of savings!

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Aid in planning and researching keywords is, without a doubt, one of the great strengths of the tool. Therefore, knowing how to use the SEMRUSH is essential for anyone working with online content production!

If you want to improve your website or blog's ranking on Google and are wondering which keywords to use, what other terms your audience searches for, or what terms your content is ranking for, SEMRUSH is the perfect tool for you!

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