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Cannabis is made up of about a hundred chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The two most abundant substances are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the best known cannabinoid because it causes the psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, interest in CBD continues to grow as science discovers the compound's robust therapeutic profile. CBD has been identified as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic, analgesic and antiproliferative therapy with promising results in the treatment of a range of debilitating diseases.

The therapeutic effects of cannabinoids result from their interactions with molecular pathways. CBD interacts with the serotonin receptor, vanilloid receptors, GPR55, nuclear receptors and allosteric receptors. Here's a quick look at how this works: CBD slows down serotonin signaling, and this makes it an antidepressant, anxiolytic, anti-addictive, anti-emetic and sleep aid. Stimulation of vanilloid receptors by CBD allows it to control neuropathic pain. The suppression of GPR55 by CBD may explain its apparent ability to slow the progression of cancer cell proliferation and osteoporosis. The effects of CBD on nuclear receptors through the activation of PPARS (peroxisome proliferator activated receptors) may make it a therapy for diabetes, Alzheimer's and lung cancer. The role of the CBD as an allosteric modulator allows it to change the shape of the GABA-A (gamma-aminobutyric) in a way that enhances the sedative effects of the receptor. This is another possible explanation for the effectiveness of CBD in reducing anxiety. In short, CBD has several mechanisms by which it alleviates mental and physical discomfort. However, there is a paucity of research confirming the extent of these attributes.

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MACKS Currently Offers a Boutique Selection of Organic Infused CBD in Our Products that Represent the Quality California is Known for Worldwide. Our quality standards have helped us create safes, and effective CBD products.
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Macks Deals • 29/09/2022
From CBD oils to sprays, capsules, and balms, our range of products are convenient, highly absorbent and perfect for people on-the-go. All made with the purest CBD you can get in the USA.
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    Dissolvable Cannabinoids: A New Way To Consume Your Cannabis

    Edibles: some people love 'em, some people hate 'em, most people aren't too excited about them either way. There are a few reasons for the ambivalence toward edible cannabis. The main issue with edibles is their unpredictability. Sure, the label might say that each square of a chocolate bar has 10 mg of THC, but studies show that the information displayed on labels can be severely unreliable, either under or overshooting the actual cannabinoid content by significant discrepancies. Even if the label does get it right, that doesn't account for the actual absorption of an edible's cannabinoids into the bloodstream, a process that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to nearly two hours. Sometimes waiting for an edible to kick in can result in eating too much of one. Because edibles can induce extremely potent effects, the consequence of having more than your body and mind can handle can be alarming-hallucinations, panic attacks, and epic couchlock are not uncommon. Enter a development that could change the edibles game forever: a water-soluble, almost flavorless, odorless, and calorie-free packet of dissolvable cannabinoids.

    Stillwater Brands: Your Grandmother's Edible

    When Stillwater cofounder Justin Singer's grandmother asked him to help her find cannabis, the problem with the edibles industry became all too apparent. Singer's grandmother wanted to use weed to alleviate the symptoms of her diabetes and her husband's Parkinson's-they weren't interested in experiencing a massive high. But she was nervous about it, and that's why she asked her grandson for help. So when Singer was given a pot brownie loaded with 100 mg of THC per each square, he cut the brownie into 20 pieces, individually wrapped each piece, and cautioned his grandmother to only eat half of one piece at a time.

    Unsurprisingly, the 20 bags and instructions did not do much to alleviate her fears. She kept the cut up brownie in her freezer and never touched it, convinced that if a sliver of a brownie needed to be halved to avoid a bad outcome, the entire experiment was too risky for her and her husband to pursue. After that experience, Singer became convinced that the industry needed a new kind of edible-one that someone like his grandmother would feel safe consuming. He wanted it to be a healthy, low, and precise dose that wouldn't scare a novice cannabis user away. As it states on its website, the company wants 'to make products that any grandmother would feel safe consuming. Because, in the end, it's about feeling better. And you can't feel better until you feel safe.'

    Years and many experiments later, Stillwater was born. Stillwater Brands specializes in creating water-soluble forms of THC. They boast products with zero calories, zero fat, zero sugar, and a subtle flavor and odor easy to mask without an onslaught of unhealthy ingredients. The company currently sells four products: Clockwater Coffee, Stillwater Tea, Whitewater Tea, and Ripple Dissolvable THC. According to a Cannabist review, each of the products holds its own. The tea is delicious-that is, it tastes like tea, not like tea plus weed. The dissolvable THC does just that, and because it is already activated it can be added to any dish or drink to create an instant edible with no pot-aftertaste. While the coffee is lackluster-it is instant coffee, after all-it does the job, and like the other products, doesn't taste like weed. Most importantly for those wary of the high doses available in most edible products, Stillwater's products are available in dosages of 2.5-10 mg of THC or CBD (they do have a 'balanced' option that includes 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC).

    As you can imagine, making a water-hating substance water-soluble was not a simple trick. Stillwater does it by adding emulsifiers and food-grade surfactants to oil extracted from cannabis plants. This process turns it into a slurry that is placed into a vacuum oven and dried out for several days. Basically, the extracted oil is broken down into tiny particles, and those fat-loving particles are wrapped in water-loving ones (emulsifiers and surfactants). The finished product is a water-soluble white powder.

    The Market for Dissolvable Cannabinoids

    Since the people who make up the current edibles market are probably into the distinct taste of cannabis in their food-or at least, don't mind the unhealthy quality of most edibles options, who exactly is Stillwater marketing to? It might not be as large as the typical edibles market, but there is a niche of consumers excited by the brand's dissolvable cannabinoids.

    Medical patients and wellness-minded cannabis users will appreciate how easy Stillwater's dissolvable cannabinoids make it to microdose. Cannabis microdosing, or the intake of small amounts of cannabis so as to benefit from the plant's therapeutic profile without experiencing a potent high, is lauded as the best way to consume cannabis for medical purposes. Since Stillwater offers small, precise doses, anyone who wants to give their endocannabinoid system a boost without risking an unwanted high can do so reliably.

    Because of its calming and inflammation-reducing properties, cannabis has also been incorporated into some athletes' pre and post-workout routines. While the science is mixed, anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming small amounts of cannabis before and after a workout session can improve recovery and reduce stress. Since athletes typically keep healthy diets too, a calorie-free, low dose edible is an easy way for them to benefit from cannabis without compromising their diet or performance.

    The subtle nature of Stillwater's products makes them particularly attractive to the demographic they had in mind when the company was first imagined-the elderly. While young people still make up the majority of cannabis consumers, folks aged 60 and over are consuming cannabis more than they ever have. That's probably because age comes with increased risk of impaired health. Cannabis soothes a lot of the ensuing aches and pains. Plus, it's fun. That's something the best grandparents and cannabis will always have in common.

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    MACKS Currently Offers a Boutique Selection of Organic Infused CBD
    A range to suit everyone

    How often does Macks release new coupon codes?

    Lately we've discovered a new discount code from Macks every 30 days. Over the last 90 days we've found new coupons from Macks.

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    There is no evidence of any health problems associated with using pure CBD. The CBD does not display any indications of any potential for abuse or addiction. Evidence that CBD can relieve pain, relieve inflammation, and treat depression, anxiety, Parkingson's disease, epilepsy. While it is normal to have occasional feelings of worry, people with anxiety disorders live with intense and constant fear, often in response to everyday situations. Anxiety can be so debilitating that it interferes with everyday activities, including building relationships, working, or even getting out of the house. Ultimately, you should smoke, eat, or take marijuana because you like the way you feel. For some people, this means smoking CBD dominant strains to help with their headaches. Others use a 1:1 tincture of THC-CBD to help them sleep. So should you use marijuana to treat your anxiety? There's only one way to find out: try it!

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