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90% Ivacy VPN Promo Codes ➡️ (5 Ivacy VPN Coupon Codes) 2024 USA

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A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection route that guarantees privacy and anonymity online through an encrypted tunnel. A VPN masks your Internet Protocol (IP) address to make it invisible online. It replaces your real IP address with one of our secure servers to anonymize your location. With a VPN connection, you can ignore all geographic restrictions and appear to be browsing in a different location. Nowadays, when cyber crime is at its peak at all times, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure your security online. In addition to the usual steps that need to be taken to protect your privacy, you will need to use a flawless VPN. No matter the reason or how many times you are online, especially if you are transferring confidential data or conducting online transactions, a VPN is a must. All you have to do is download the Ivacy VPN and connect to a VPN server. That done, you'll never have to worry about hacking, data loss or identity theft again. Today, VPNs are more of a necessity than a luxury. With an effective VPN, like the Ivacy VPN, users can benefit in several ways. Ensures anonymity online: after connecting to Ivacy VPN , your original IP address is replaced with a new one. As you get a new IP address with military-grade encryption, it becomes untraceable.

Ignore Geographical Constraints: Tired of having to deal with geographic constraints? With the Ivacy VPN, you can connect to different regions for local content. That way, you have access to all online content. Grants access to remote servers: Do you want to securely restrict access to remote servers? Then, keep access limited to a few people by providing dedicated IP addresses. It is also great for traveling to ensure that access remains uninterrupted. Although you know the benefits of using a VPN, is it legal in the first place? Will you have problems using it whenever you are online? Since VPNs were originally developed to protect business activities that take place online and now rely on millions of Internet users to protect their data and avoid surveillance, it is perfectly legal. After connecting to a VPN server, the Ivacy VPN provides access to a number of features that will ensure that you remain anonymous and protected. Not even your ISP provider will be able to tell you what you are doing. This is possible because you are given a new IP address that has nothing to do with the IP address provided by your ISP. To benefit from VPN and its features, you don't have to do much. You can easily set up the Ivacy VPN in minutes. Yes, Ivacy VPN offers a lifetime discount on all your VPN plans. For example, if you purchased an annual plan for $ 29.95 / year, you will pay the same amount for all renewals, regardless of the price set until the time of cancellation. The Ivacy VPN has just arrived on our website of the Discount Coupons Coupons for Discounts bringing even more discounts to your customer. Come check out all the coupons and offers that only our online store of discount coupons Vouchers for Discount has for you. Don't miss an offer and enjoy!

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Everything you want to know about Ivacy VPN
Know everything about Coupon codes, offers and discounts at Ivacy VPN

The most redeemed Ivacy VPN discount codes

Discount:Description:Expiry Date:
20%20% OFF Ivacy VPN 1 Year Plan Coupon Code 1yprivacy2026-08-06
88%Limited Time Offer Ivacy VPN Deal Upto 88% OFF 2026-10-20
90%Save Up to 90% OFF VPN Subscriptions Plus Premium Password Manager for Free 2028-03-22
65%Save 65% OFF on Ivacy 1 Year VPN Subscription 2028-03-22

256-bit encryption

Ivacy offers users up to 256-bit encryption, making it almost impossible to break into security. So enjoy security protocols that encrypt your internet traffic and keep cyber criminals at bay.

Public Wi-Fi security

Not only can hackers trigger malware code without your knowledge, but they can also remotely control your devices or shut them down completely. Be careful and turn on Ivacy VPN before connecting to what appears to be "free" public wifi.

No protocol policy

Your data will be sold to third parties in order to make them aware of your online habits. To protect your privacy online, invest in Ivacy with a clear no-log policy.

Enjoy buffer-free streaming

Buffer-free streaming is pure bliss. But what if we tell you your ISP is throttling your speed? Because of the speed reduction, the delays occur. Subscribe to Ivacy and say goodbye to stuttering as you stream various online channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, HBO.

Smart choice of purpose

The purpose selector can help you determine the purpose of connecting to a VPN: safe downloading, streaming, and unblocking. Ivacy has you covered on all ends.

Beat the ISP throttling

ISP throttling is a curse and only the fastest VPN should be used to get around it. Ivacy masks your IP address and prevents ISP throttling.

Internet freedom

Certain websites and streaming channels are geo-restricted and prevent users from accessing the content they want. Ivacy helps to bypass restrictions effortlessly.

Experience true internet freedom

Some websites or content are not accessible due to geographic restrictions. The problems stem from exclusive rights to content, as is the case with Netflix US. Others could be in countries like Russia or China where social media websites are blocked due to lack of free speech etc.

Internet kill switch

Internet Kill Switch's features will immediately pause the Internet as soon as it detects that your connection has been lost. It ensures that you stay private at all times.

Dedicated IP

With Dedicated IP you can whitelist IP addresses. This is done to prevent unauthorized access to your corporate accounts or just online accounts in general - this increases security.

Split tunneling

Ivacy VPN pioneered split tunneling. This allows you to access local and external content at the same time. Access content over your local LAN via VPN.

IPv6 leak protection

Ivacy VPN provides IPv6 leak protection as IPv6 can lose your online IP address and allow third parties to track your activity. Hence, VPN protection is vital.

Secure DNS

A DNS leak can occur if the request (IP address associated with this URL) goes through your ISP's DNS instead of the VPN tunnel. Ivacy encrypts this channel.

Multiple protocols

Protocols such as TCP, UDP, L2TP and IKEV are offered. Choose one of these protocols to create an impenetrable layer of encryption on your network connection.

DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are malicious in nature and can disrupt your internet traffic and overwhelm your traffic so much that the infrastructure breaks. Ivacy prevented DDoS.

5 multiple registrations

With the Ivacy subscription, you can access protection on five devices at the same time. You don't have to log in and out every time.

Safe download

With its state-of-the-art, real-time threat detection technology, Ivacy scans and removes suspicious malware or viruses in the downloaded data, protecting you at all times.

Ivacy supports all major platforms

With a network of over 1000 servers in over 100 locations, Ivacy VPN protects your privacy and security on all platforms. Ivacy masks your original IP and assigns you a new one.

Contact our 24/7 support

If you need troubleshooting help while using Ivacy, our in-depth customer support is always available via support ticket, email, and live chat.

The only reliable business VPN service

In order for your business to get to one place, you need to make sure it is protected online. One hiccup can shut down a legacy in no time, which is why you need the best business VPN:

Fast server deployment

Special global IP addresses

VPN solution for teams with user management

White Lable VPN Program (One Window Solution for Investors)

How is Ivacy the best VPN for business?

Fast server deployment

Ivacy offers fast server deployment with the benefit of easy scalability when you need a server deployed in a specific region to meet your goals.

Multiple dedicated IPs

Ivacy's corporate VPN solutions protect your private network by assigning you dedicated IPs. These IPs ensure that outsiders are restricted.

VPN for teams

With a VPN network at your disposal, your business and employees as a whole benefit from unparalleled security and anonymity.

Who Needs a Business VPN?

From small to large businesses, the need for a VPN is more important than ever. Be it for online security, for remote access to data or to protect your blueprints from prying eyes.

The most secure and trusted corporate VPN with: 1000 servers, 100 locations, 500 users and 1000 companies.

Easy to use VPN client

Our native single sign-on applications are compatible with all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Chrome. Regardless of whether your company's employees are traveling abroad or working remotely on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones, they are only one click away from secure access and privacy on the Internet.

Best VPN for SMBs

Simplify secure access to all of your internal and cloud-based resources. With our intelligent VPN service for small and medium-sized businesses, you can easily protect cloud environments, staging servers and company databases.

User administration

Easily configure and manage all user licenses for your corporate VPN service from a single administration portal. You are in control of everything that happens to make sure your business is covered on all fronts.

With our business VPN you can

Access new regions

Access different regions including restricted regions like China to reach your target audience. Simultaneously access localized tools and apps on your devices that would otherwise not be available.

Secure every WiFi

Make sure that you are not a victim of a cyber attack because of an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection. Activate your employees so that they are invisible on any public Wi-Fi network they connect to.

Lightning fast speeds

Get the fastest upload and download speeds especially if you are limited by ISP throttling. Never again will your business be delayed when new content is delivered in a timely manner.

Unlimited usage

Connect to the Ivacy servers at any time and as often as you like. There are no restrictions or bandwidth constraints to worry about.

A business VPN service is an app that offers end-to-end encryption to secure your company's internet connection. This VPN encryption provides a secure web connection to corporate devices, regardless of where employees connect to the Internet. Once your company data is encrypted, it's private and safe from fake WiFi, hackers, government spies, competitors, and advertisers.

A VPN protects your business by creating a tunnel like a mountain tunnel that runs between your devices and your company's servers. VPNs use end-to-end encryption so all internet traffic is stored in a secure environment.

SMEs lack the tools necessary to achieve their goals. Let's not forget that they fall short due to a lack of data protection and security resources. Fear not, as Ivacy does all of this and more without putting a financial burden on your business.

VPN server

A VPN without a multitude of servers in its arsenal is of no use. A variety of servers allow you to

You can connect from anywhere, anytime, without waiting or facing restrictions. It is just as important where

The VPN servers are actually located, and Ivacy allows you to find servers all over the world.

Secure and private access to the internet

Security and anonymity are two main offerings that not many VPNs can promise. You're in luck with Ivacy! Ivacy anonymizes your IP address and instead provides a different IP address so that you look like you are somewhere else. With a large number of servers, a private Internet connection is no longer a fantasy.

Are you looking for the fastest VPN server? Think Ivacy

Ivacy was rightly named the fastest VPN in 2019. Whether you're streaming, downloading, or uploading, Ivacy offers speeds without lag or stutter. Due to the large number of servers, Ivacy guarantees optimal speeds and server availability of 99.9%.

Ivacy VPN has various protocols that offer military encryption of up to 256 bits, making hacking attempts or security breaches a thing of the past. The protocols include TCP, UDP, L2TP and IKEV, among others.

A VPN routes your device's Internet connection through your chosen VPN's private server, not through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When your data travels over the internet, it comes from the VPN, not your computer.

Ivacy's servers are located all over the world including the US, Europe, Australia, and many other regions. Ivacy servers are positioned globally to meet all Ivacy user needs and constraints, no matter what part of the world they are in are located.

You can choose a server location that is closest to the website / streaming service you need to access. Ivacy has 1000+ servers in 100+ regions around the world. This means you can choose and connect from any server location around the world.

Ivacy is currently offering a one-day free trial for all new registrations so that they can take full advantage of Ivacy's fantastic features.

Because Ivacy VPN has a strict no-log policy, it does not store any information that can be used to identify users.

Best VPN for streaming

If streaming is your primary concern, you have a fantastic streaming experience with Ivacy VPN. Zero lags, jerks and ISP throttling ensure that you can watch your favorite content with no hassle.

International channels you can stream right now

Is any of the below channels blocked in your area? No fear!

Use Ivacy - the best VPN streaming to stream to your favorite content on the web.

Easy adjustment

Signing up and using Ivacy VPN is a breeze. It will hardly take a few minutes to get full online access no matter where you are.

Stream anywhere

You can easily stream content while traveling or otherwise. The user-friendly interface automatically connects you to the appropriate server for optimal results.

Why are streaming services blocked?

There are tons of reasons why a particular streaming service or channel is blocked in your country or region.

Content restrictions

There will be cases online when you cannot access certain content. This is more evident with platforms like Netflix and Hulu, which restrict certain content in other regions due to license restrictions. This can finally be fixed with Ivacy VPN.

Government censorship

Countries like China and Russia impose heavy censorship on their internet users. The reasons for this can vary, but Internet users cannot enjoy the Internet in all its glory. The good news is that internet users suffering from government censorship can gain freedom by using Ivacy VPN.

Work / school censorship

Work / school censorship is a real problem. While it can be set up to avoid certain problems, it also has its drawbacks. To increase productivity and access more resources, employees and students can use Ivacy VPN without compromising.

Amazon Prime VPN: Unblock Amazon Prime Video from Anywhere

When it comes to online entertainment, Amazon Prime is one of the most sought-after VoD (video-on-demand) services in the world. However, when you are out of your country, perhaps for work or vacation, you will not be able to watch your favorite Amazon Prime movies and TV shows. This is because Amazon Prime is not available outside of your borders or the country you are in, so you need an Amazon Prime Video VPN.

Another problem is that Amazon doesn't make all movies and TV shows available in every country. It also means that most of the top streaming content is only for the US and UK regions and again pulls an Amazon Prime Video VPN in action.

The good news is that the code was cracked and you can use Amazon Prime Video from anywhere on the with a Prime Video VPN Enjoy the world. Read on to find out which VPN is best for Amazon Prime and how to unblock Amazon Prime outside of the US and the UK.

Ivacy VPN is the best VPN for Amazon Prime

Two top reasons why you should use Ivacy, the best VPN for great video:

1. Ultra-fast Ivacy VPN allows you to safely stream thousands of songs from Amazon Video's US or UK libraries at top speed. And with Ivacy VPN you have full access to over 1000 server locations around the world! Best of all, even if you are using a server outside of the US or UK, you never have to worry about data logging.

2. If your ISP has slowed down streaming services in the past, Ivacy VPN may even increase the speed. This is because with an Amazon Prime Video VPN you can escape the speed limit and watch without bandwidth restrictions!

How-to: How to Watch Amazon Prime Using a Prime Video VPN

Check out Amazon Prime with VPN in three easy steps:

Sign up for Ivacy VPN, the best Prime Video VPN.

Connect to the appropriate Ivacy VPN server location.

Log into Amazon Prime and watch movies and TV safely without throttling.

Ivacy VPN is without a doubt the best VPN for Amazon Prime Video.

Ivacy VPN Coupon Codes

If you're looking for coupons at Ivacy VPN, then you'll be here at the right place! We update daily our coupons and offers, we search for you the best Ivacy VPN Coupon Codes and offers, you will always save on your online purchases with our coupons. At the list on top of this page, you'll see all the offers, coupons, promo codes and discounts currently available at Ivacy VPN. Easy, right? This listing was last updated on 20 July 2024.

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What are the promo codes and offers currently valid for Ivacy VPN at July 2024?

Right now, there are 5 Coupons codes and 15 offers available for Ivacy VPN:
20% OFF Ivacy VPN 1 Year Plan Coupon Code
Ivacy VPN Offer Additional 20% Discount on Lifetime Plan Use Code
Ivacy VPN Offer Additional 20% OFF Discount Use Code
Ivacy VPN Offer Additional 20% OFF on 1 Year Plan Use Code

How often does Ivacy VPN release new coupon codes?

Lately, we've discovered a new discount code from Ivacy VPN every 30 days. Over the last 90 days we've found 5 new coupons from Ivacy VPN.

How much can I save by using a coupon at Ivacy VPN?

With the best discount we've found, you can get up to a 90%. Ivacy VPN shoppers have saved already 56 times at checkout.

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Subscribe to 1001promocodes.com's email alerts for Ivacy VPN and we will email you notification every time we discover a new discount code. If you can't find a working coupon code right now, subscribe and receive the latest deals as soon as we discover them.

Are there any active Ivacy VPN coupon codes at this time?

Yes! Right now on 1001promocodes.com, you can find 5 coupon codes for Ivacy VPN that are verified and working. Ivacy VPN coupons and promo codes found on 1001promocodes.com have been used 56 times, equalling lots of savings!

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  1. 256-bit encryption
  2. Public Wi-Fi security
  3. No protocol policy
  4. Enjoy buffer-free streaming
  5. Smart choice of purpose
  6. Beat the ISP throttling
  7. Internet freedom
  8. Experience true internet freedom
  9. Internet kill switch
  10. Dedicated IP
  11. Split tunneling
  12. IPv6 leak protection


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Save extra with a Ivacy VPN discount code

Ivacy VPN is an accessible virtual private network that keeps your data safe on all major platforms. Antivirus software protects you from malware, but to protect your privacy and security on the Web, you need a virtual private network or VPN. Ivacy offers VPN protection at an affordable price and has servers in the furthest corners of the world. When you point the browser at a website, it sends a request to the server that hosts the website and returns with the desired content. It is a little different when you use a VPN. When a VPN is active, it creates an encrypted tunnel between the computer and a server controlled by the VPN provider. From there, your request goes out to the world Internet normally, returning through the VPN server and through the encrypted tunnel. The practical result is that no one can intercept web traffic, which moves from your computer to the VPN server. And if you are connecting to websites via HTTPS (which you should), your data remains encrypted throughout the journey, even after the VPN server leaves. That's why you need a VPN. VPNs are particularly important when you use public Wi-Fi or unknown networks. In these situations, hackers may be lurking on the network or even managing it, in the hope of capturing your personal information. Take a look at the left side of this page and choose your voucher code !

You can choose to connect to more than 450 Ivacy servers from more than 100 locations to not only be invisible, but also gain exclusive content from the region!

Ivacy for Android
Using the Android operating system, Ivacy improves its game with each new operating system iteration. This translates into new features and utilities for the best download, streaming and browsing experience. No matter what Android device you have, Ivacy will work perfectly. Over the years, the Ivacy store has adapted to the digital market, bringing on its website all the offers and discount coupons your customer deserves

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