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Best Coursera Promo Code · Coursera Review and Ratings Coursera provides online access to the world's best education. More than 20 million learners from around the globe have come to Coursera to take courses offered by its partners, including top international universities. Learners can purchase course certificates, which provide identity verification and official recognition from university partners once a learner completes a course

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Coursera Deals • Expires in 2 years and 3 months
Coursera Discover offers and coupons available on Coursera and find out how to take advantage of the discounts that suits you
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This way you can enjoy discounts or vouchers to make really interesting deals Sometimes they have very special daily promotional codes at Coursera
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Coursera Deals • Expires in 1 years and 11 months

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Everything you want to know about Coursera
Know everything about Coupon codes, offers and discounts at Coursera

The most redeemed Coursera discount codes

Discount:Description:Expiry Date:
50%When you refer a link with your friends, then you get a 50% discount on 2026-10-31
$49Opt for Machine Learning for Trading course and pay $49 only 2026-07-17

In February 2016, Coursera piloted Mentor Guided Classes, an initiative that allowed learners to pay extra for mentor support. Coursera charged $ 149 for the first mentor-guided classes (a 40% reduction from the regular price of $ 248). Students who signed up for a mentor-guided course were promised 1: 1 project feedback, email / forum support, and access to weekly office hours live. Ten courses were chosen for the pilot with 50 slots for mentees. The pilot was arrested shortly after launch.

June 2016: Coursera stops the old platform and switches to the on-demand model

Eventually, Coursera shut down its old platform and forced everyone to switch to the new on-demand model. In this process, hundreds of Coursera courses have been lost forever.

In June 2016, Coursera started offering a few courses that were only open to paid users. Some courses that were free are now paying. This pilot apparently failed; Coursera did not continue and the courses became free again (or rather "free of control"). Despite the reversal on the first paid courses, there are now more fully paid courses on Coursera.

In August 2016, Coursera launched Coursera for Business. Now, companies can purchase Coursera content for their employees.

October 2016: subscriptions to specializations

Then in October, Coursera changed the pricing for specializations. Previously, learners bought the specialization course per course and paid a fixed price per course.

Under the new pricing model, users would pay a monthly fee ranging from $ 39 to $ 89 to gain access to graded assignments and to earn certificates. These features remained enabled as long as learners paid the subscription fee. They could also pay a higher amount to access all the premium features of the entire Specialization for 12 months. (This option is no longer available.)

At the Coursera Partners 2016 conference, Coursera revealed some details about how many paid learners they have. At that time, they had over 100,000 active paid learners per month and were adding at least 20,000 more each month. Using a few back-of-the-envelope calculations, I estimated $ 50 million to $ 60 million in revenue.

By this point, the original MOOC model (involving free courses, a large number of people taking a course at the same time, and free certificates) was all but gone. In recent years, Coursera had phased out free certificates, put graded homework behind paywalls, adopted a subscription model for payment, switched to an on-demand model for course delivery, and increased monetizable content on the platform by soliciting offers from universities.

In 2017, Coursera performed an extensive test on a new pricing model. Under this model, learners would have access to the entire catalog (instead of a single specialization) for a price of $ 49 / month, a huge price reduction for users interested in multiple specializations.

Previously, if you had to subscribe to each specialization of Coursera, it would cost you thousands of dollars per month. You can now get this access for $ 49 / month. Unfortunately, Coursera did not move forward with this pricing model and the Catalog subscriptions are no longer available to individual learners. Companies can still purchase a catalog subscription for their employees, through Coursera for Business for a price of $ 400 / employee, per year.

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End of 2017: Coursera for Business exceeds 500 companies

In 2016, 30 companies had registered with Coursera for Business. Coursera ended 2017 with over 500 companies registered for the service.

At their 2018 partner conference, Coursera announced that they have 1,632 graduate students and a total of $ 9.6 million from tuition income. Interestingly, Coursera noted that 50% of graduate students were previous learners of Coursera.

Much of the cost of traditional online degrees comes from the marketing cost of acquiring the student. For Coursera (and this is also true for other MOOC platforms) this cost is significantly lower. The MOOC platform with tens of millions of learners acts as a marketing channel. As we'll see, Coursera saw a lucrative opportunity in online degrees, and they did.

To learn how MOOC-based degrees are different from traditional online degrees, read the Class Central article here.

March 2018: Coursera launches six new degrees, including a bachelor's degree

In March of last year, Coursera announced six new degrees, including its first MOOC-based BA, BS in Computer Science from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Two of the six new degrees were Masters in Public Health, the first non-STEM degrees announced by Coursera, from the University of Michigan and Imperial College London. Coursera also announced two masters in computer science, one from Arizona State University and one from the University of Illinois. The University of Michigan announced a Master of Applied Data Science (which is similar to the Master of Computer Science in Data Science at the University of Illinois).

As a sign of the growing popularity and legitimacy of MOOC-based degrees, a few months later, Coursera would announce a MOOC-based master's degree from an Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania.

For a list of full degrees, check out Class Central's list of over 35 legitimate masters or our pricing table.

March 2018: Coursera announces MastersTrack

In addition to its specializations, Coursera announced another micro-accreditation called MasterTrack, similar to edX's MicroMasters program. These two micro-information allow learners to obtain credits for obtaining a master's degree. Students still need to apply and be accepted into the master's program to redeem the credits.

2018: 2018 turnover of Coursera estimated at 140 million dollars

According to Forbes, Coursera's estimated revenue for 2018 is around $ 140 million. (In our analysis of Coursera in 2017, Class Central estimated the 2017 revenue of Coursera to be around $ 100 million.)

At the end of 2018, Coursera had an active catalog of 3,100 courses and 310 specializations, 12 advertised master's degrees and more than 1,500 corporate clients (including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies), up from 500 at the end of 2016.

I captured this business plan in my analysis of how MOOC platforms make money, Six Tiers of MOOC Monetization. Now Coursera has a product at every price point, from free to millions of dollars.

Coursera offers motivated learners a huge variety of online education.

If you are a student, teacher with an active interest in e-learning, or a professional looking to to develop your education and career prospects, Coursera may well interest you. This leading provider of online training and online university courses offers an almost unmatched range of course titles.

Here, we review some of the benefits of online learning with Coursera - a relatively new MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider that was founded in 2012 and has achieved widespread success remarkably quickly. Coursera offers students across Africa free access to online education with the option of a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the chosen course.

Coursera is the leading online course provider for courses from the world's top universities!

All types of topics are offered and can be booked, the range is huge.

Against a fee, the successful training will be certified.

Explore over 1000 online courses from top universities.

Coursera categorizes its offer as follows:

- Arts and humanities

- Business

- Computing

- Data science

- Life sciences

- Mathematics and logic

- Personal development

- Physical sciences and engineering

- Social Sciences

- Learn a language

Originally established in North America, Coursera owes its beginnings to two founders, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller of Stanford University. An edtech (education technology) start-up, the company has grown rapidly in recent years and now offers online learners universal access to the best global education standards through MOOCs.

This online platform provides hundreds of educational content titles from leading universities, with the ability to search for courses that are of professional or personal interest to the potential student.

One of the main advantages of Coursera is that its wide choice of courses includes titles that are developed in collaboration with leading universities around the world. These organizations are primarily based in the United States and the courses are taught for a defined period of time, with the support of the organization concerned.

A global supplier that offers a local presence in Africa

Coursera is well known and has almost become synonymous with MOOC. The company has 146 training partners based in twenty-eight countries, with around two thousand different courses offered. This supplier has an office in South Africa; this relatively local presence is a huge advantage for potential and new African students who sometimes have detailed inquiries and understandably look for a reasonably quick response.

It is much more convenient to be able to contact a company with a subsidiary on the African continent that has a local presence to answer questions and provide support. This means that there is no need to overcome the additional hurdles of having to contact a geographically remote office - in the United States (for example), with the inconveniences associated with different time zones and possible additional costs associated with international phone calls to other continents. .

A world of choice and diversity

Courses can be searched by category; almost all subjects are covered in the varied range of titles from which novices can choose for their studies. Most courses are available in English, while a minority are available in Chinese. Many titles are available for free, with topics ranging from computer science to art history. Business, math and logic or physical science and engineering are supplemented by social science, language learning, and even teaching, as with TESOL certificates in stages.

Communication skills in Business English or Intermediate Grammar (University of California) are offered in the course listing, along with an abundance of alternative titles, including the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, perhaps better suited to students with a certain linguistic capacity and a degree of motivation. Online courses like these are especially useful for students who are interested in foreign culture as well as learning a particular language, or who are planning to travel to a country for travel or business. This type of introductory online course is designed for beginners and focuses on basic phonetics and everyday expressions. In this example, students do not need to study Chinese characters; this simplifies the program and makes the course easier to follow and complete.

Registration and creation of a student profile

On a first visit to the Coursera website, verified at the time of writing, the web page will initially display in English and a progress indicator will increment as the page automatically checks the language settings on the PC or the mobile device of the site visitor. At the end of these checks, usually after a few seconds, the Coursera page will switch to the local language, depending on the device's country settings.

This may work well for most visitors to the site, but there are exceptions - an African person working in Spain, Italy or France who only speaks Spanish, Italian or French at an elementary level, for example. Such a visitor may very well prefer to work on their online registration request in their main language. At the time of writing this article, there does not appear to be an option to adjust this language setting as a guest visitor. Fortunately, this can be successfully adjusted once the visitor registers a profile using an email address or other social media connections such as Facebook.

Distance learning and online interfaces

In addition to an online web page interface for access via PCs and tablets, as is usually the case in the field of edtech, a smartphone app for m-learning (mobile learning) is also available. available. Students often find that m-learning gives them additional flexibility and increased opportunities to take advantage of travel time to learn on the go, or to use unexpected delays and free time to advance their studies and progress.

Students can schedule their study and learning activities according to their own schedules, in addition to work schedules, family commitments or other ongoing courses. Course content includes interactive quizzes, short video presentations, peer review, and the ability to connect with other students and course teachers.

In addition to the course content, which is presented by video, there are regular tests to check understanding. These tests (or quizzes, to use Coursera terminology) are done by questionnaire - or by machine, with automated corrections. In addition, other students do the peer reviews and there is a final exam before the end of the mobile learning course.

Peer reviews are not only useful for the learner, but they benefit those doing the assessment and represent a valuable learning experience for all concerned. Peer review provides a human contribution, separate from the computerized marking of work.

The Coursera approach is to help the student learn faster and more effectively. The web and online m-learning platforms are based on verified teaching methodologies that have been accredited by educational research experts and have stood the test of time.

A four-pronged approach to educational excellence

The vision of Coursera and the focus on the student was shaped by four important factors. First, the effectiveness of online education means that, thanks to easier access to online platforms, it can now play an important role in lifelong learning for students.

Second, some of the courses offered involve blended learning, i.e. face-to-face tutorials or in-center lectures, supplemented by a distance education component delivered in the form of e-learning online. This methodology also seems to work well for conventional universities; it has been found that a combined approach like this tends to be more effective and produce higher learning outcomes than teaching that only involves face-to-face elements.

Conversely, this combined learning methodologies approach can be used to balance the predominantly online element of e-learning courses with a partial on-campus element. Some of the Coursera institutions that offer distance education find that a mix of online learning and physical presence at the sponsoring educational provider's center or faculty helps foster student engagement, greater participation and better performance.

Mastery is the key to success. According to leading educational psychologists, including Benjamin Bloom, the best results are obtained by passing a subject before moving on to the next step. Coursera provides timely feedback and - if necessary - random repeat assignments for additional practice.

Fees, certificates and cover charges

Basically, Coursera is a company which provides an online educational platform. As a company, it operates in a professional manner and has formed partnerships with top universities and leading organizations around the world to offer online courses that any motivated student with internet access can take. However, there are costs that any business would naturally wish to recover; as an organization, Coursera is currently supported by venture capital fundraising.

Therefore, not all courses are free - although, for paid courses, prospective students can apply for help with these fees if their financial situation so requires. In addition, there is a fee charged for certain course completion certificates.

Upon successful completion of a course, students are currently entitled to receive a free certificate of completion Coursera. It is not necessary to produce an identity document for this. Alternatively, a fee is payable if a formal qualification or certificates of attendance are required. This paid service gives the successful student a verified certificate of identity; the cost is between $ 29 and $ 95 per certificate depending on the course title. In addition, there is the possibility of financial aid for students who cannot afford the fees. Students who excel receive an annotated certificate with a distinction.

In the words of Coursera themselves, verified certificates guarantee academic integrity. The courses provided by this provider seem generally well respected because of a high level and, in the eyes of companies and potential employers, constitute formal training.

Completion rate

Usually, MOOC completion rates are relatively low; many potential students start courses but do not complete them completely. This could be due to a number of possible reasons; the general rate of completion of MOOC courses by all beginners is around 15%. Notably, this proportion increases dramatically when, as is the case with Coursera, students can choose to pay a fee for a certificate.

Strengths, weaknesses and feedback

The challenge for learners and course providers is to combine all of these well-established e-learning methods and appropriate data security controls with the content and processor needs of mobile learning through a smartphone app. Sometimes a relatively basic mobile phone can be sufficient, although generally classes are best experienced with a more powerful smartphone. The popularity of smartphones in Africa has led to a strong market demand for Android and other applications on devices. Characteristically, throughout Africa, Internet access by telephone is more prevalent than access to the World Wide Web through fixed broadband ADSL lines or standard telephone lines.

Comments on the Coursetalk forum indicate that Coursera features some of the best college professors around the world, especially in computer science and neurobiology. Coursera has been reported to offer appropriate learning programs for skill tracks, with topics ranging from statistics to first aid, or science to astronomy.

According to recent largely positive reviews such as the online edition of PC Mag, Coursera is credited with offering the most comprehensive and eclectic course list for an online higher education and training provider of its kind. Self-paced on-demand classes are available, in addition to timed classes over periods ranging from four to twelve weeks. Discussion forums are reported to be well administered, although some users report that in the case of humanities courses, assessments may be inadequate.

Some experts consider that small educational establishments and junior faculties are not represented proportionately in the course catalog, due to entry requirements (money, time and support) which can constitute a barrier to access.

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  3. March 2018: Coursera launches six new degrees, including a bachelor's degree
  4. March 2018: Coursera announces MastersTrack
  5. 2018: 2018 turnover of Coursera estimated at 140 million dollars
  6. A global supplier that offers a local presence in Africa
  7. A world of choice and diversity
  8. Registration and creation of a student profile
  9. Distance learning and online interfaces
  10. A four-pronged approach to educational excellence
  11. Fees, certificates and cover charges
  12. Completion rate


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