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With a luxury insect hotel voucher you can not only beautify your garden, terrace or balcony. No, at the same time you create a home for many useful insects, most of which are threatened with extinction. The online shop Luxus-Insecthotels has completely geared its range to animals, which are usually barely noticed by many. The insect hotels in the online shop are characterized by many loving details that make the home an eye-catcher for little crawlers in the garden or on ...

the terrace.

The shop also offers books on insects, hedgehog houses and kits for the above-mentioned dwellings. The online shop of luxury insect hotels offers its customers a wide range of insect dwellings for the balcony or garden, which are also available as insect hotel kits. In addition to an attractive design, the products provide customers with other advantages. On the one hand, the preservation of nature and natural pest control can be promoted, on the other hand, your own garden yields can be increased. The lovingly designed 'hotels' then accommodate, besides ladybirds and wild bees, butterflies and moths.

In the online shop, Luxus-Insecthotels offers various models as well as wooden construction kits for children. In addition to larger insect hotels, customers order bee and butterfly houses, nesting aids, hedgehog sleeping houses and squirrel feeding stations. If the right article for beneficial insects could be found, it is paid for via PayPal, instant transfer or in advance.

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Discover the many offers and discount coupons ready for you at Luxus-insektenhotels

This way you can enjoy discounts or vouchers to make really interesting deals! Sometimes they have very special daily promotional codes at Luxus-insektenhotels!
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Luxury insect hotels - decorative insect hostels

With increasing urbanization and the arrival of exotic plants in Germany's gardens, domestic insects are increasingly losing their natural habitat. Gardeners and balcony owners who want to counteract this development are creating cozy accommodations for wild bees, bumblebees, butterflies, lace flies and ladybirds. You can order these at, for example. The online shop conceives and designs luxurious insect shelters that serve as nesting aids in spring and summer and as shelter in autumn and winter. Some are reminiscent of real houses with their skylights, balconies and railings. All of them are made of untreated wood and filled with natural filling materials such as clay, branches, straw, bamboo, reeds and pine cones. In addition to ready-made insect shelters, the online shop also sells kit versions with plug-in systems, to the delight of all ambitious hobbyists and families with children.

What is an insect hotel?

An insect hotel is a nesting aid for beneficial insects. It mainly serves as a breeding ground for wild bees, but also offers some other useful insects such as butterflies, lacewings and ladybirds as a shelter from predators and as a hibernation aid. The possibility of the settlement and reproduction of certain beneficial insects in your garden is also an optimal possibility to take effective biological action against pests in your own garden.

The location for an insect house:

The optimal location for the insect house is sheltered from the weather, with the approach holes facing south. Insects like it sunny and as little cold as possible, especially for wintering. Practice has shown, however, that even insect houses which are not "optimally" set up or aligned are well received by a wide variety of insects. A sufficient supply of food in the area also plays a major role here. Various plants and their flowers in the vicinity of the insect house often attract wild bees, ladybugs and lacewings even more.

Residents in insect hotels:

The inhabitants of their own insect box depend heavily on the geographical location and the food available. The possible most frequent residents in the insect hotel include: ladybugs, solitary peaceful wild bees (not to be confused with the more defensive honey bees), lacewings, butterflies and moths. But hoverflies, stickies and earwigs that eat aphids also like to nestle.

Your advantages of insect housing:

- You support the preservation of our nature: As a nesting aid in spring and summer and as a hibernation aid in autumn and winter you help to guarantee the survival of a wide variety of insects of their species.

- As a garden owner, you support natural pest control (without chemicals), as many insects eat annoying scale insects, aphids or spider mites with pleasure. They make yourself very useful as a partner in your garden.

- Your ornamental plants with their blossoms can shine in a new "splendor" in the future. Your fruit trees and fruit bushes are also likely to produce higher harvests with insect hotels in your garden. Insects such as butterflies and digger wasps are busy pollinators, as this is inevitable when searching for food.

- Not to be forgotten: Such a small hotel for beneficial insects also looks really nice and is also very suitable as a gift. And our kits, for example, can also be used very well as a kind of "educational-biological wooden toy" with children. offers numerous coupon codes for luxury insect hotels that can be used for shopping from insect hotel and Co. can use. Not only children can spend a lot of time watching the little crawling animals. In addition, the benefit of the beautiful hotels for the insects is of course in the foreground. In our tidy environment, many insects now have great problems finding shelter for themselves or their offspring. The shop's luxury accommodations are often the only way for insects to survive in a garden. The dwellings are mainly made of wood and other natural materials. Little by little, harmless earth wasps, wall bees and silk bees as well as ladybugs, seven-spotted ladybirds, lacewings, wood beetles and ground beetles settle in such an insect hotel. The number of insects can vary depending on the location of the insect hotel. - for a better nature

Luxus-Insecthotels is a brand of dobar E-Commerce GmbH based in Gronau. Managing Director Robin Behr and his team are committed to building insect hotels. With the decorative insect hotels, the young company wants to make a contribution to the protection of nature and native insects. On the other hand, the lovingly made insect hostels should also offer added value for the customers' balconies and gardens. While the idea for every insect hotel in Germany is put on paper, production also takes place in other European countries. In the online shop and also on Amazon, they are either completely assembled or for sale as a kit in a practical plug-in system. In addition to insect hotels, the online provider also sells pure bee hotels, butterfly houses as well as hedgehog houses and squirrel scoop.

Comfortable rooms and suites for wild bees, bumblebees, ladybugs and Co.

Most gardeners have long appreciated insects such as wild bees, lacewings, ladybugs and earwigs. After all, the latter insects keep unloved aphids, which attack vegetable and ornamental plants, in check, while bees and bumblebees diligently pollinate both plants and fruit trees and thus contribute to a richer flowering and harvest. With a suitable insect hotel, you can welcome even more useful insects to the balcony and garden. You can order such an accommodation at

The online shop sells:

  • Insect hotels
  • Insect hotels kit
  • Bee hotel
  • Butterfly house
  • Hedgehog house

Luxury insect hotels gives tips on care

Anyone who can call an insect hotel their own shouldn't take it too thoroughly with the 'hotel cleaning'. Because insects don't like chemical glazes or the smell of cleaning agents. Instead, they avoid them, explains the online operator on its website. For this reason, if cleaning is essential, you should only use clear water. Bees and wasps prefer to clean used corridors themselves. Only cobwebs should be removed so that the hatched offspring do not end up in the web of a lurking spider. Special care of the insect shelter is also not required. If so, then the online shop recommends at most a little olive or sunflower oil.

Instructions for the kit version from

Hobbyists who are ambitious can also order one of the insect hotels on offer as a kit. On its website, the online shop explains how to build and fill the insect house step by step. In the kits, every wooden component is already drilled and provided with a plug-in system, so that only a hammer and a drill are required. In a video will the structure briefly explained. The construction plan is also available for download.

Payment and shipping

Online orders at can currently only be paid for by PayPal or prepayment. As soon as the payment has been received by the online provider, the insect hotel that has been ordered leaves the warehouse. Deliveries within Germany are free of charge, regardless of how many products have been ordered. also sends to Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. The postage costs in that case are 7.90 euros. The delivery takes place with DPD. As a rule, the delivery arrives at the customer within one to two working days. Interested parties from Switzerland are asked to order from the partner due to extensive customs regulations.

Right of withdrawal and return grants its customers a 90-day right of withdrawal. If they are not satisfied, the customer can withdraw from his purchase contract within 90 days without giving reasons. The right of withdrawal can be exercised by means of a clear written declaration. The online retailer has provided a corresponding sample cancellation form on their website. In the event of a cancellation, will reimburse the entire purchase price as well as the delivery costs. The customer bears the return costs. Payments already made will only be reimbursed if the goods are in a perfect and still unused condition.


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  8. The online shop sells:
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My four year old son inherited my love for animals. We also respect insects and we like to observe them in nature. He wants to know everything about it and already has books on these subjects. That's why I was interested when I read about On the same day I looked at the site with my son and bought three items at the same time. The hedgehog house, the feeding station for butterflies and an insect hotel. The prices are justified for the good workmanship. Everything made of wood and very stable.

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