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Why choose Crooze- Crooze have been selling E-bikes in Australia since 2011. Our reputation has been built on great customer service as well as always having the worlds best E-bikes, Scooters and Skateboards available. Australian owned and operated. We believe we have the best and largest range of ebikes available. Whether you're looking for a saddle or a helmet. Crooze also stocks a huge range of accessories to keep you safe and help keep your bike on the road. If you need help dont hesitate to contact our support team. We are here to guide and help you. We're bike enthusiasts and we want to offer you the best product to fit your need. Add this to our simple returns policy and industry trained team. You know you're in good hands when you choose your next ride from Crooze.

Delivery & After-Care. Assembling Your Bike- Before you ride your bike we assemble and check them thoroughly. Our skilled mechanics, perform a pretest check making sure you bike is ready for collection. Online orders- For bikes ordered online our mechanics, perform the pretest check as well as assembling the bike before reboxing and delivering the bike ready to ride. In some cases the handlebars will require straightening and tightening and the pedals will need assembling. Further assistance can be arranged by speaking with our customer service team.

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    Everything you want to know about Crooze
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    New eScooter Legislation in Queensland. What does this mean for you?

    Queensland Government is looking to reform its electric scooter laws to make riding safer for both electric riders, cyclists and pedestrians. 

    In recent times a high number of pedestrians reported they feel unsafe on the road due to hazards and dangerous riders. Especially people with disability have felt this concern after experiencing riders passing them at high speed with no care. 

    These new Queensland e-scooter laws will be put in place to make everyone feel safe on the pathway and so that e-riders take more care of soft pedestrians (walkers). 

    You are probably wondering what this means for you as a motorised scooter rider. We have therefore gathered everything you need to know about these new laws and how you can continue to enjoy riding while also making sure others feel safe.

    Queensland escooters law

    What laws have changed?

    At the moment, electric scooters have a speed cap of 25km/h meaning you can only reach a top speed of 25/km which is currently the speed limit. However, once the new laws are in effect, the speed limit will be halved to 12km/h. 

    Previously, QLD road rules electric scooters were classified as pedestrians, which means they can ride everywhere pedestrians can. However, authorities are wanting to change this and make clearer rules to help ensure eScooter riders, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can safely share the road. 

    The new laws include lowering the speed limit on footpaths, providing safe riding education campaigns to inform of correct practices and how to behave on the road; like how to ride safely, how to correctly wear a helmet, how to park so not to block to the road for others and how to safely overtake other pathway users. There will also be implemented clear signs and safety measures. 

    The Minister of Transport and Roads, Mark Bailey, says: 

    “The rising popularity of e-scooters is a clear sign they aren’t going to disappear. We know that people are going to keep using them so the key is making sure that shared spaces like footpaths and bike lanes are as safe as they can be.”

    There will be penalties in place for people that ride above the speed limit, ride when intoxicated or ride hazardous and being a danger to others.

    The Queensland Police Minister, Mark Ryan, says:

    “We know many people do the right thing and our officers do a great job at policing dangerous behaviour already. But with new rules and regulations, we will be better equipped to keep the public safe.”

    He also stated that the Queensland Police Service will be part of a new Personal Mobility Device Safety Reference Group.

    With these new laws, also comes other opportunities. In order to not create traffic congestion, the government is allowing electric scooters to ride on segregated bikeways, like the Veloway - which is a popular cycling road between South Brisbane and Eight Mile Plans - and Gateway Arterial North and Ipswich Motorway. On these cycling roads, the standard speed limit for e-riders applies which is 25km/h. 

    How e-scooter riders look after pedestrians? 

    It is important that you ride with mindfulness and concern of others on the road. This means when passing other pedestrians and e-riders, take care to keep your distance and slow down your speed. We also recommend ringing your bell before passing to alert the person ahead that you are passing them and wanting room to pass. 

    When cruising along always keep left and give way for others wanting to pass. Especially important to keep left on the bikepaths for oncoming bicycles and other personal mobility devices.

    Some eScooters now comes with turning signals to make it safer for you when turning as well as help inform others when you are changing directions or lanes. 

    Otherwise, simply adhered to the already set regulations:

    • Have to be 16 and above to be able to ride. If your child is above 12 years old they can ride with adult supervision.
    • Don’t drink and drive.
    • Always wear a helmet!
    • Don’t ride and text. Mobile phones are not allowed when riding. 
    • You are not allowed to carry passengers.
    • Be visible when riding during the night. Wear reflector, carry a front light and rear light.

    If you are riding a hired eScooter, riders must follow additional rules and conditions set by the eScooter rental company.

    Where and how to park?

    The government is talking about implementing new scooter rules QLD when it comes to parking. The problem Queenslanders have been facing is that people leave their hired eScooter all over the place, blocking roads/pathways so that disabled and other pedestrians have a hard time navigating and passing these paths. 

    Some pedestrians with disability have reported that they are forced to ask others to help clear away motorized scooters from the pathway in order to pass. 

    The solution is not decided by the government yet. But there has been talk about offering designated parking areas for riders. With this new law, the aim is to decrease road and pathway blockade, making it easier for everyone to travel.

    Why are these rules being implemented now?

    The popularity and number of people that own a personal e-scooter have increased substantially since the transportation device was introduced to Queensland in 2018. Now that so many people are riding these fun rides it is important to establish some road rules in order to decrease the chances of injuries and accidents, and make sure the pathway is safe and enjoyable to use for everyone. 

    These new electric scooter laws Queensland are not here to take away from the fun, it is here to take care of you and everyone around you! 

    Remember to ALWAYS wear a bike helmet when riding! Here is a couple of our favourite cruiser scooter helmets: 

    • Pro-Tec Classic Skate Certified Helmet
    • Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet
    • Nutcase Street MIPS Helmet - Onyx Solid Satin

    For the more adventurous off-road scooter riders we suggest these full-face helmets:

    • 100 Percent Status Helmet
    • 661 Comp Helmet
    • Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet
    • Troy Lee Designs D3 AS Fiberlite Helmet

    If you are deciding on the best electric scooter for you, check out our 2022 Electric Scooter For Adults Australia Buying Guide. 

    Otherwise, check out our wide collection of electric motor scooters here. 

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    1. Copy the couponcode from Crooze by clicking at "SHOW CODE" or "VIEW OFFER"
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    4. On the Crooze website select one or more products and place it into the shopping basket. When you are finished, then have a close look at the basket. Just before the actual checkout, there is somewhere the option to enter an action code, promo code, voucher or coupon code. You paste (CTRL V) here the previously copied code and the discount is applied immediately.
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